Your Washing Up Story

We want to hear your washing up story. It might be funny. Or sad. Dumb, or ingenious.

You might tell it because you practically spend your entire life at the sink, or because you never go near it – but did once, and that one time is what you want to tell us about.

It might reveal how you achieved inner peace, meditating as you washed a dirty pot.

Or how you found a new way to interact with somebody, because of the special quality of washing up.

In short, it can be pretty well anything – but it has to involve washing up.

And it will be so much better if you tell a STORY.

Set the scene, show the people…have a beginning, middle and end.

Most importantly: it’s got to be honest and heartfelt.

Which means sharing it will probably make you feel a teeny bit awkward.

Yay awkward, as we say at Washing Up For The Soul. (Actually, we’re not sure we ever said that, but we might in future.)



Please record your story into a camera or camera phone AT THE SINK. Doesn’t have to be the sink in the story, but we want to SEE you by the sink.

The following items are optional but might help set the scene: tea towel, rubber gloves, liquid soap.

Don’t go longer than 15 minutes. You can make it shorter if you like.

Upload your film to YouTube and email the link, plus no more than three sentences to our founder John-Paul Flintoff.

(Click on THIS LINK and your email will open automatically, with JP’s address pre-loaded.)

Do it now!

PS. If you don’t have a story of your own, leave a comment below telling us who you would like us to interview next.